5 Attitudes Of Humans That Cats Hate

5 Attitudes Of Humans That Cats Hate

We all love cats and sharing the life with our hairy dudes gives us a huge happinness but sometimes we don’t consider what our cats really like and don’t like. Those who share their lives with their cats act the way cats do not like even they may hate and surely this disturbs cats and makes them unhappy. Here’s the attitudes that cats don’t like;

Holding So Tightly

One of the conditions for a cat to be happy is that feeling in safe yet holding tightly makes cats unsafe and they hate it. Cats that get held tightly may act offensive and we don’t have right to get angry.

Getting Dressed

Why do we get cats dressed? Cats literally hate get dressed and this is one of the worst things to do to them. Firstly cats are so meticulous and spend most of their times cleaning themselves and clothes hinder them to do this. And also dresses might make them itch and it’s impossible for to itch themselves because of dresses also we can reckon dresses restrict their moves so it’s so easy to understand why they hate get dressed.

Pushing To Socializing

Cats are well known by their free characters. They are not animals of herd, the animal that live alone but this doesn’t mean that they’re hard to socialize. On the contrary cats can get along with humang beings and the other creatures easily. They are good at socialize but this also doesn’t mean that they can easily socialize with you or others whenever you want them to! Cats have right to comminicate whenever they want and we can’t push them to socialize.

Being Punished For Normal Attitudes

If you get mad at our cats or punish them when our four legged friends steal a piece of meat from your dish, get on sink which means you do the things that cats hate. All these things are the normal attitudes of cats. Also punishing cats is not the right manner.

Sudden Moves

Sudden moves are threats for cats. Sudden moves in nature mean danger. If you make a sudden move to a sleeping cats or playing quiet they percieve that as an attack, You shouldapproach to cats slowly instead of making a sudden move. If you want to love them you have to make them feel it and concede it first.

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