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Important Warning Aug 25, 2022 Our website has been copied by a group that is currently engaged in some kind of fraudulent activity to redirect to a product called K1KETO. We want to inform you. The shopping you make in our store is safe, but pay attention to the connection while shopping. Your link should...
Stories And Truths About Street Cats Apr 24, 2019 There is a big ignorance about animals in the world! This ignorance comes with bad behaviors against animals. We need to have the informations about these street animals that have right to live as much as us rahter than believing hearsay things. Because you’ll be realizing how wrong the things...

Everything a pet owner needs all in one place online

All pet owners want their little animal friends to enjoy the best life possible. And with The Kitten Park it’s as easy as it has ever been! At you can find a wide range of pets supplies like cat accessories, furniture for cats and a lot more.

For cat lovers

Who said that our web store has treats only for pets? Cat owners themselves are welcome at The Kitten Park to buy all sorts of accessories and goods for cat lovers. Various cat-styled apparel like T-shirts, accessories featuring cats, as well as phone cases and home decoration items like minifigures available at our website are perfect for any cat lover to show off their appreciation for their pets.


To make your cat’s life as fun as possible, consider buying cute cat toys at We’re happy to offer you wireless mice toys, colorful balls for cats and many other pets’ toys that are fun to play with. Keep your feline pet busy and entertained — shop for toys at our online store.


If you’ve got a cat in your house, you should check out the selection of special cat furniture presented at The Kitten Park. These foldable cardboard furniture items for cats will make them much more comfortable and also ease taking care of them.


Get your cat its own tiny and cute house by purchasing special cats’ caves right here at our online store. Feel free to take a look at numerous warm and soft cat houses that you can put in any room of your home for your cat to sleep and sit in.

Collars & harnesses

Another great way to treat your cat is to buy unique and comfortable collars and harnesses. Elegant and easy-to-use collars presented to you at The Kitten Park would be a nice present for a cat owner — waste no time and visit our website for the best pets supplies at great prices.


Grooming is very important for the pet’s health and well-being. To maintain your cat’s good looks and health, get any pet grooming tools and supplies that you need. There are hair removal brushes, special massage gloves and other grooming products for you to use on your felines.

Cat bowls

To ensure proper feeding, purchase handy cat bowls and various feeders at Here you’re welcome to choose from several automatic feeders and other feeding supplies to use around your house.

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