About Thekittenpark

Thekittenpark.com & COLORSIDE LLC Who are we?

thekittenpark.com COLORSIDE LLC is a high-quality website designed for pet owners and pet lovers. The biggest feature it has acquired while serving its customers is to reflect the principle of transparency and to stick to it. Our company, COLORSIDE LLC, was established in the city of Middletown, Delaware, in the United States of America. Since 2017, we have been actively working to produce the best for you in commercial life. I hope you will get to know us more as you read our story.


Our story began to be written exactly when we took to the streets and started walking freely. The meaning of freedom is related to how much independent living space you have. We realized this and it was the passion for nature in our soul that actually made us start walking. But this passion also showed us some truths. These facts began with the habitats of other living things that humanity restricted for its own freedom. Something had to be done. Even if history does not remember us and no one speaks our name, we had to do what we had to do to integrate our own existence and satisfy our souls. As a result of this, we set out to make this world freer for every living thing. You will find the milestones of this road on this website. We never wanted to be a for-profit company. Therefore, this place will be a living and awareness space. I wish you a pleasant time.


Who are we and what do we sell?

We are a company that sells products in the classical sense. But we define it like this;
Animal love is an emotion that is motivated without expecting anything in return. In other words, you love without seeing it with your eyes and hearing it with your ears, not as in many kinds of love. We love animals very much, but while we want to help them, we also show our own strength. Helping all animals is difficult for us right now, but we can touch the narrowed and integrated lives of pets into human life. We want to create living spaces for pets in homes built for humans.

Why do we sell products for People too?

We do this to encourage pet owners and animal lovers and to unite people under this theme. We touch people’s lives with products suitable for daily use, and we want to instill pet awareness in them. Having these clothing and accessory products that directly affect daily life in our company and on our sales list increases the diversity, and meeting people of all tastes under the roof of animal love makes us very excited.

Pre-Sales and After-Sales

We manage pre-sales information with the maximum transparency policy and communication channels we have. In this regard, we keep our Contact us, support@thekittenpark, and thekittenpark@gmail.com contact addresses active 24/7. Our store is constantly improving itself with the experience it has gained in service. Our most important stakeholder in this development is you, our valued customers.


Legal identity and legal address of the company:

The address of our company is approved by the state of Delaware and working with a US FORMATION agency. You can check from the Delaware state government website here;






364 E Main Street Suite 1007 Middletown, DE 19709 / United States