You Should Consider This Before Adopting Kitten

Cats are quite important for everyone of us. We want to see them around us always and keep their positivity close to us to feel better and more relax. Sometimes we see our friends having cat  or cats and photos they share at social media and coming up with an idea of having a cat.

It’s  sure a great thing to want to have a cat but I think what’s important is first to know if you can look after a cat.

The reason I want to refer about this is that I once had a huge problem with having a cat.

I adopted a kitten just 6 months ago without thinking about if I could look after her at home or not. I didn’t even know how to play with  her. All I wanted was just having one. I had a job that I had to work 9 hours a day and second job that I work home. So I did not have enough time to look after my lovely kitten and play with her. I been living with my parents for awhile but she always had to be alone because of their hard work schedules.  And this situation made me feel so sad and guilty against my kitten. I knew that she didn’t want to be alone but I couldn’t do anything to solve this problem.

After  awhile I made a desicion to give the kitten to my friend back. Luckily he was thourouly alright with taking her back, I didn’t know if he was gonna give her to another friend or not but it was very important that he was okay with it. I started feeling  awful even before I gave my kitten back I felt so sad and reckless just because I didn’t reckon I wasn’t gonna able too spare enough time with her and that was the only reason that I had to separate with my lovely kitten even though I started getting used to her existence at home.

Briefly what I’m trying to say is that people should consider if they have enough time to spare with the kitten that they want to have. Even if they have enough time to spend with them what’s actually important is how much they can spare for them. Because I think no cat or kitten deserves to stay all alone and get really bored whilst waiting for their owners!

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