Why Should You Make Your Own Cat Food?

Besides the obvious pride you’ll feel in creating tasty treats, there are numerous real benefits to homemade cat food.

  • It’s more natural. Cats are highly-evolved predators. A diet made entirely of commercial foods can satisfy their nutritional needs, but will not satisfy their carnivorous instincts as well as the best home recipes.
  • It’s healthier. Kitties have sharp, pointy teeth that were meant to slice and tear through raw meat. Processed foods don’t provide the same oral health benefits. There are countless health benefits to natural foods.
  • It’s easier to digest. As your little predator chomps and chews her way through your delicious meal, signals are sent to her stomach to prepare important gastric acids to aid in digestion.
  • It’s more fun. Kitty will have a lot more fun eating the recipes we’ve prepared on this list – and you’ll have a lot more fun watching her eat!
  • It’s easier to control. The fact is, by sourcing your ingredients and owning the process, you will have complete control over your cat’s diet. This is an important responsibility for the true cat guardian.



These are just a few reasons to make your own cat food, but you’ll find many more as you dig deeper into the world of feline cuisine.

However, there is one very important question to answer before you get started!

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