How Should Cats Be Fed?

Cats turned into quite lovely animal by being tamed but they’re hunters because of their nature. They can’t give chase for their imaginary hunts at home even though they’re being fed with special cat foods.

girl feeding cat, watching

They catch the mouses and insects by their hunter insticts where they feed even they’re not hungry because cats kill by their hunter instict not for eating. Mostly cats don’t eat with the animals they hunted, they just play with them.

After they were tamed, they got used to eat dry foods that are produced for them. The most of home cats deny eating different foods. There are many different mixed nutrients that they need in special dry foods that’s produced for only cats and those dry foods are prepared by being considered taste of cats.

Water and dry foods should be given cats in porcelain, steel or glass bowls. Especially steel pots are recommended because of the risk that your cat may drop and break them. Also you should not give water to your cats with plastic pot!

Cat are very sensitive smells. They generally drink few water and they don’t want to drink waited too long and smelled bad.

You’d better make them get used to home foods that you want them to eat when they are just little kitten. The foods that you want to feed them should be the foods that are full of protein like chicken, meat, fish and eggs because cats should feed the foods with protein.

And also raw meats should not be given to cats because it causes nescency of endoparasite!

Cats can not digest the milk unlike the thought we’ve had and the lactose that milks have inside is not good for cats at all. So it would be more healty to give our cats yoghurt without skimmings and cheese without salt.

What you should not give your cats are the foods that are full of carbohydrate like pasta, bread and rice. They have like nothing as nutriment and they can even disturb your cat’s health.

When it comes to cat foods, the foods that are rich in protein and have not
carbohydrate at all otherwise the foods that don’t have any healthy nutriment won’t bring them benefit, they will only bring them harm!

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