Stories And Truths About Street Cats

Stories And Truths About Street Cats

There is a big ignorance about animals in the world! This ignorance comes with bad behaviors against animals. We need to have the informations about these street animals that have right to live as much as us rahter than believing hearsay things. Because you’ll be realizing how wrong the things we know abour street cats are wrong and starting behave them nicer when yor’re informed.

We’ve preluded speaking of street animals but our topic is street cats.

Cats are the cutest animals on earth but which doesn’t mean that they don’t confront difficulties and be behaved badly.

The purpose of this writing is that causing to forget the wrong informations about street cats and changing up the thoughts of these lovely creatures.

Here’s the stories and truths about street cats;

Street Cats Attack Humans

Street Cats never attack anyone when they’re behaved badly, frightened or there is no dangerous thing.

Street Cats Spread Desease

First of all we have to say that disease depend on kinds. Diseases of cats get caught by cats! Sickness of two different kinds do not spread to each other. But there is a few little diseases that can pass on disease like rabid. It’s called Zoonoz and rabid is one of them. But no worries, finding a rabid cat to pass on disease is a quite low possibility.

So the thought of street cats disease is not true!

Cats Cause Extinction Of Birds

It’s not cats causing extinction of birds just trying to hunt only one birds a day to feed. It’s humans causing extinction of birds destroying their living areas by destroying trees to make woods and build structures.

There Is Headlouse On Cats

There are some kind of extrinsic parasitics but headlouse is not among them!

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