Games That You Can Play With Your Cats

Games That You Can Play With Your Cats

Cats are extremely playful and fond to fun. They spend their most of the times intending new plays.

Most of the cats have their own ideas; you can’t expect them to play with you holding toy to their faces! It’s not much possible to make them jump around and play with you whenever you want or put them through a plan. Cats are quite indipendant creatures. That’s why the only way to have their attentions is showing this like it’s their ideas. This not that hard because the great majority of cats love playing anyways.

The Games That Cats Can Play By Themselves

Cats can play for hours by themselves finding themselves new games. The only thing you have to do is to give them some things make it possible for them to play like skein ball, ping pong ball or moving toys. Some cats love eating wool much. That’s why you better make sure if your cat’s not eating the skein that you give him/her to play.

Cartoon Boxes

A regular cartoon box may be a great gift for your cat. They may hide some things in it or even hide themselves in it. If you have two cats you can even see them play hide and seek. Make sure the box is solid and if they can get out of it when they get inside of it and don’t nibble the box.

Fake Mice

Tie the thins that can have their attentions with a rope and shake it front of your cats. They will realize that it’s not a mouse but they can act like that’s the game that they can play with you. It’s thoroughly up to their imaginations. Your cat might be cruel hunter at the moment and this play might be activity that can amuse your cat for hours. Lift up the fake mouse or drag it on the ground. Just make sure you keep your hand away from your cat for your cat not to scratch your hand.

Also a ball covered by foil can unveil their playful side but make sure the ball is covered properly and your cat not to chew it and swallow it’s pieces.

If your cat like smelling your leather shoes they may like the other leather toys.

Other Toys

Some cats really love playing with newspapers and lay under them because they like it’s smell, sound and struggling with it. If your cat is one of them even a large paper bag may amuse your cat for hours even putting some toys in it might be much better.

The other alternatives for toys; corks, some tissues tied strip into it’s top, empty lipstick, old tennis balls.

If you can, creating some spaces for your cat to climb might be a good idea. Scratching the papers and climbing frames can offer them great opportunities for exercising.

Are They Going To Bring The Toys You Throw Back?

Most of the cats don’t bring the toys you throw back like dogs. But some cats throw the toys all of a sudden and bring them to their owners for their owners to throw the toys and them to run after the toys. The games get played by their rules as you can imagine. The ways of convincing your cats to bring the toys you throw back;

Take the toy that your cat love, that is small and easy to throw. Call your cat. Throw the toy up and down and catch it. Play and enjoy with the toy.

Is your cat watching you, if so keep playing if not stop playing with it. Sit on couch the way your cat can see you and throw the toy near your cat by rolling. Let your cat play with it some. When your cat is about to get bored, just call him/her. If your cat look at you get up and take the toy. Do routing of throwing the toy. Play twice a day for 10 minutes.

Some cats will understand that and bring you the toy back. If they know it’s a play anymore and you can make it more enjoyful, for example you can throw the toy into back of barrier and watch him/her struggling to take it.

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