Do Cats Really Have Emotions For Humans?

This might sound a little odd question at first but as we all know cats don’t tend to express  their emotions or feeling for humans as much as dogs do. It’s not quite a lot common thing that our cats jump into our arms and give us a hug when we get home. But dogs mostly do that, don’t they?



I don’t mean to compare the cats to the dogs but I think that’s the fact well known. So all these thoughts bring me up to this question, does cats really have emotions for us?

I don’t believe that they don’t but they like being mysterious most of the time as we all know and they like playing by themselves. They don’t much need humans to play and joy with. This may make them seem cold. Also this characteristics of their may complicate the way they express and show their feelings and emotions most of the time. When you even get cat toys or cat apparels for your four-legged friends they may not be interested in at first. In this kind of situation you’d probably be like why my cat are so uninterested but actually it’s something that is coming from their nature. We can’t expect our cats to be like the dogs.

The cats surely love playing and expressing their emotions, not always but they do. Especially when you pet your cats I’m sure that they return to this love and somehow they express their feelings. And when you’re really sad or so happy, they feel that and show their emotions with you and share your happiness or sadness with you. That’s what the cats are and we should love them the way they are.

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