7 Celebrities Who Are Just Obsessed With Their Cats

Some celebrities go to ridiculous lengths to prove that they are just like “regular” people. They walk around “without” make-up (base foundation and bronzer don’t count, duh), throw together mismatched outfits, and try as hard as possible to casually make trips to and from the store to buy things like tooth paste or band-aids.

While we might not be buying the fact that making a run to Duane Reade demotes a celeb’s glittering status to “normal folk” – there is one thing that we can definitively say celebrities   have in common with us “peasants.” What, you may ask? Their venerable obsessions with cats– duh! Ah, the purr of a cat is indeed universally mesmerizing. Although these celebs might try their hardest to play it cool to create a persona enviable by the masses, we know that deep down at heart these starlets are really just crazy cat people like you and me.

So without further ado, check out these amazing cat-loving celebs.

1. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is known for his powerful love ballads with that signature dark, tortured vibe. His songs make you just want to fix him, ya know. But … turns out, Sheeran has already got a snuggle buddy, his kitten, Boris.


While you might not consider Sheeran’s music all that bad-ass – he absolutely shattered any tough guy image he had going when he put on this sweater. But that’s cool, we totally have the same one.


2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift cares for two fur-babies – and no, one of them is not Harry Styles.



Royally dubbed by the pop-princess, Meredith and Olivia Benson, Swift rarely goes anywhere without her kittens wrapped under her arms. Go ahead and call Taylor a crazy cat lady, she’ll just shake it off.

3. James Franco

Franco was raised a cat lover and whenever his family gets together, they all come with their kitties in toe. As a writer, it seems only fitting that Franco’s feline friends have literary names, Sammy after What Makes Sammy Run and Zelda after the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.



4. Ian Somerhalder

Based on this backstage look at a People Magazine shoot, it seems pretty clear that Ian’s cat, Moke, is his life partner of choice. He might also have six dogs, but we see that look he gives Moke, there’s a clear favorite here.



5. Katy Perry

You probably could have guessed Katy Perry had an affinity for cats based off the life-size cat costumes she makes her backup dancers wear … but nonetheless, this sometimes blue-haired babe has made it to our list. Perry’s kitten is so aptly named Kitty Purry, we’ve yet to see Katy’s kitten counterpart don a wig … we imagine it will happen soon.

6. Macklemore

We’re not going to lie, when we first set eyes on Macklemore’s cat, Cairo, we kind of thought it was Macklemore himself. That cat knows how to swag out in a leopard print.

Celebs Crazy Cat People


7. Kesha

Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) is a massive cat fan. Could you tell?

Her cat, Mr.Peep$ still bares the family dollar sign in his name, and is the founding member of Kesha’s short-lived cat cult for people who like cats or like to pretend to be cats – uhh … meow?











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