11 Weird Cat Attitudes That You Are Curious About

Cats are the animals that we say ‘ they’re just like humans’, also get surprised by their every moves and wonder about their world. We try to figure out their languages from their moves and understand their meows. Let’s admit that some of us thinks that they can get along by just meowing. So what the moves of cats mean? Do we know them enough? Then let’s take a look at what cat attitudes that we wonder about the most actually mean!

1.They rub their faces to your shoulder or face.

If you ask why cats rub their heads you’ll be glad by it’s answer.

Cats first touch their noses thereafter rub from their cheeks to their ears and make you pat themselves. This is exactly the way of greeting. They may do it on your feets, shoulders or towards your face.

If you’re gonna meet a cat that doesn’t know you and you’re not sure he/she will let you pet her/him, reach forth your finder to their nose if they rub their head to your finger which means they’re okay with greeting. The best part to pet cats is their head, don’t try to start petting them from their other parts if they don’t let you.

2.They hit their heads to you directly

They hit their head to you is the more intimate way of greeting with you. It shows you that they know you, trust and like you. Some cats may start hitting their heads to you at first sight and it proves that cats can feel the humans that love them.

3.They scratch and bite by getting petted

Many of cat lovers may complain about it. Those who don’t know about cats may say that they are so ungrateful after they pet them them for minutes and they bite them and go. Whereas cats are so playful animals. They might be warned and bite you on a sudden like pokerface pranksters prank you successfully. There are 2 reasons that might cause this kind of jokes . First one is they et bored of getting petted from the same part and they might be scared while you changing the part that you pet. The second reasons is that biting is the natural way of communication for cats.

4.Swinging their tails in different ways

The tail is the most reliable source that shows the situations of cats. If the tail is upright and its top is litte folded which meas that they’re exited. That’s why kitten’s tails are little upright when playing games. If the tail is heavy and swings in a elite way when sleeping which means that they’re calm and fine.

If they lay down their ears backwards while their tails swinging, their next spet is going to be attacking forward or running. This the way they lock on.

5.Kneading some things with their paws

Cats knead things may probably be the most obvious thing about cats. This move remained from the period that they used to suck their mothers. They make milk to come by kneading from their sides while pulling teats fof their mothers. This move makes them calm and fine because they remember those days even they’re grown.

6.The ways of purr

Cat’s purrs comes first to minds when it comes to cats probably. The question of why cats purr is like a secretthat’s been asked and never answered for years. General opinion is that they only purr when they’re happy. Contrary to what is believed cats may purr when they’re nervous, have pain or frightened.

Cat’s purss that circulates as sound and undulation can influance humans on many biological happennings.

7.They just stand gapingly

Cats sometimes stares gapingly. At these moments they smell something different and open their mouths to identify the smell. This move make them smell better and that is why they do it.

8.Sitting on boxes

Why do cats love boxes? What is it makes them interesting this much? You get them cool and colored toys but they choose sitting on boxes. The boxes that’s been named ‘cat snares’ among cat lovers are the shelters of cats. Everytime all kind of cats including big cats get into boxes what they feel is safety!

9.Sleeping in cat bread position

We don’t know much about this idiom but the world name it such. Some cats prefer laying down by curling up their paws underneath their bodies. This is the way they warm up their paws like we put our hands between our legs.

10.They try to bury their foods

11.Meowing at nights

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